Our Goal 

All people in Scotland have the skills, information and opportunities to succeed in the labour market.

By delivering Scotland’s careers service, we help people to improve their career management skills, and support them to make evidence-based learning and career choices throughout their lives.

Collaborating with the agencies, employers and other partners, we also help to create opportunities for people to experience, enter and progress in the labour market, including through work-based learning.

Our products and services ensure Scotland’s people, regardless of their background, characteristics or location have access to a range of options and pathways which allow them to effectively prepare for, enter and progress in the world of work.

What we've achieved so far

Over the last four years we've delivered a diverse and inclusive range of services to ensure individuals can secure good work, progress in their careers and achieve their potential.

people were supported to develop their career management skills (2015 - 2019)
people have started a Modern Apprenticeship since 2015
people were supported through the Employability Fund since 2015
courses approved since 2017/18 funded by Individual Training Accounts

Looking Forward 

Building on the progress achieved over the last four years, we will increase the reach of our all-age services, ensuring all individuals are equipped throughout their working lives with the skills and information they need to make effective learning and career choices.

We remain committed to expanding the range and availability of work-based learning opportunities, including apprenticeships, across Scotland; ensuring that all people have equal access to a variety of learning and career pathways, which enable them to achieve their potential in the labour market.

Over the next three years, we will:

Enable learners and workers to make informed learning and career choices

  • Provide all-age, impartial and independent career information advice and guidance
  • Develop the career management skills of our customers
  • Increase the availability and accessibility of high quality career intelligence
  • Engage with and equip career influencers, including teachers, parents/carers and employers.

Empower people to achieve equitable learning and employment outcomes

  • Work with partners to understand and address disadvantage
  • Increase equality of access to learning and employment opportunities
  • Use experiential technology to increase access to work-related experiences
  • Actively challenge stereotypes and unconscious bias

Provide effective learning pathways into productive employment

  • Offer work-based learning at SCQF Levels 4–6 in schools
  • Increase the uptake of Modern and Graduate Apprenticeships as both a route of entry into, and means of progression in, work
  • Achieve greater balance between work-based and academic learning pathways

Help create an increasingly productive and resilient workforce for Scotland

  • Enable working age people to re-skill or upskill to better meet the needs of employers
  • Provide enhanced, tailored support for people facing redundancy situation
  • Support those looking to return to their careers, including women returners
  • Deliver employability support to people unemployed and seeking work

Case study

When Elaine McMillan-Kerr left school nearly 30 years ago she dreamed of getting a degree. Now she is getting the opportunity thanks to a Graduate Apprenticeship.

Read Elaine's story

Our Strategic Plan

If you'd like to read our Strategic Plan for 2019-22 in full you can download it here. For more information on how we're enabling Scotland's people, view pages 21-25.

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