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A new survey has shown employers are continuing to invest in Modern Apprenticeships praising the benefits they bring to business.

We surveyed more than 2,500 Modern Apprentice employers to capture employers' use and views of Modern Apprenticeships and the benefits they bring to businesses.

Of those surveyed 89 per cent plan to keep offering Modern Apprenticeships; 88 per cent said Modern Apprentices are important to their business and 89 per cent said that they would recommend Modern Apprenticeships to their industry.

Nine out of ten Modern Apprentice employers surveyed plan to keep providing apprenticeships.

Three-quarters of employers also reported improved productivity, 72 per cent reported improved staff morale, and 71 per cent reported improved product or service quality as a result of offering Modern Apprenticeships.

According to the survey, Modern Apprenticeships also better equip individuals to do their jobs with 96 per cent of employers reporting that those who completed their apprenticeships are better able to do their jobs.

Training provision was also praised with 84 per cent of employers saying they are satisfied with the relevance and quality of training.

Skills Development Scotland Depute Director for National Training Programmes, Katie Hutton, said: "The survey results are very encouraging and demonstrate the importance employers place in Modern Apprenticeships to develop the skills of their workforce.

"Employers continue to invest in Modern Apprentices, despite the economic challenges of recent years, and continue to see the benefits they bring to their business."

The Modern Apprenticeship Employer Survey 2015 follows on from a similar survey carried out in 2012.  More than 2,500 Modern Apprentice employers were surveyed.

Find out more about Modern Apprenticeships at website or read our Modern Apprentice Employer survey.

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Diversity award nomination

Improving Gender Balance Scotland has been shortlisted for the Herald & GenAnalytics National Diversity Awards 2017 in the Diversity Through Education category. The project is a partnership between Institute of Physics, Skills Development Scotland and Education Scotland.

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Workshops target equalities in apprenticeships

SDS is teaming up with equality groups to run a series of workshops for training providers to support them to recruit from underrepresented groups into apprenticeships.

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Scottish Apprenticeship Show underway

Hundreds of young people, parents, carers and teachers have visited the first Scottish Apprenticeship Show of 2017 in Glasgow. The free event is a chance to talk to employers and apprentices, ask questions and get the right information about apprenticeships.

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SDS careers hub at learning festival

Foundation and Modern Apprentices will join experts from Skills Development Scotland across the two days of the Scottish Learning Festival.

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Record-breaking awards entries

Hundreds hope for apprenticeship honours

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Lewis triumphs at the waiting game

A young Scots waiter has won a prestigious UK-wide ‘Waiter of the Year’ award.

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News 26 July 2017

Successful networking event for female STEM Modern Apprentices

25 female STEM Modern Apprentices came together in Glasgow last week to meet and network with other female MAs and to help further develop core career skills.

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News 26 July 2017

Gaelic skills survey for employers

Both private and public sector employers being asked to give their views.

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News 25 July 2017

Blog – Lauren Brown, Developing the Young Workforce, West Lothian on the Apprenticeship Levy

Lauren Brown writes about the opportunities that the Apprenticeship Levy presents

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News 18 July 2017

Progress made on promoting equalities within Modern Apprenticeships

Updated SDS action plan records achievements and outlines future focus

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News 7 July 2017

Working with partners to support skills

SDS Annual Review published

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Looking for an injection of youthful talent and enthusiasm? It’s food and drink to Foundation Apprentices

A new Foundation Apprenticeship in Food & Drink Manufacturing is being developed to help young people gain valuable work experience and industry recognised qualifications and skills while they’re still at school.

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News 30 June 2017

Gaelic medium apprenticeships at heart of language plan

Delivering apprenticeships in Gaelic is at the heart of Skills Development Scotland’s new Gaelic Language Plan. Launched 30 June, it sets out how the skills agency will support Gaelic language and set targets for success.

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Preatasachdan Gàidhlig aig cridhe plana Gàidhlig buidheann-gnìomha sgilean

Tha lìbhrigeadh phreantasachdan ann an Gàidhlig aig cridhe a’ Phlana ùir Ghàidhlig aig Leasachadh Sgilean Alba. Agus e air a chur air bhog an-diugh (30 Ògmhios), tha e a’ nochdadh mar a chuireas a’ bhuidheann-gnìomha taic ris a’ Ghàidhlig agus a’ cur thargaidean a thaobh soirbheachaidh.

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Blog: Sara Thiam ICE Scotland on International Women in Engineering Day

On International Women in Engineering Day, Sara Thiam, Regional Director ICE Scotland talks about the importance of recruiting female engineers in to Scotland’s civil engineering sector.

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News 23 June 2017

Perth pupils 'Gen Up' on future careers

Young women from Perth’s city schools have been getting the ‘Gen Up’ on apprenticeship opportunities. The 22 fifth year pupils from all four of the city’s schools took part in the Gen Up event from 20-22 June, which also aimed to put young women’s minds at rest about working in what some see as traditionally ‘male’ industries.

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News 23 June 2017

Skills for the future

Business leaders from across Scotland heard about the skills needed for the future and the potential impact of a 'fourth industrial revolution'.

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A new foundation in work-based learning

Foundation Apprenticeships from Skills Development Scotland, offer young people a head-start in the world of work while still at school

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Helping to build young careers

Construction company receives youth employment award

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Record number of modern apprenticeships

More work-based learning opportunities as number of apprenticeship starts increased to more than 26,000

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Graduate apprenticeships expanded

More opportunities for work-based learning

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News 19 May 2017

Blog: The importance of role models to gender equality

SDS Head of National Training Programme Development Karen Murray talks about the importance of role models when it comes to tackling gender inequality in careers.

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News 8 May 2017

Joe’s career goes from strength to strength since winning big at the Scottish Apprenticeship Awards

Civil Engineer Joe Smith says winning has had a huge impact on his career and has been a massive boost to his confidence

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Taking on the Scottish Apprenticeship Challenge

Young people and employers across Scotland are getting behind the Scottish Apprenticeship Challenge

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News 20 April 2017

More Foundation Apprenticeships for pupils

More pupils across Scotland will be able to benefit from work-based learning as Foundation Apprenticeship places continue to expand with nearly 2000 on offer this year

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News 6 April 2017

Blog - Foundation Apprenticeships - creating opportunities

Fife Council Head of Education writes about the opportunities offered to both education and industry from Foundation Apprenticeships

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News 4 April 2017

What you need to know about the Apprenticeship Levy

Here are five basic things you should know about the apprenticeship levy as an employer in Scotland

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News 31 March 2017

Glasgow youngsters learn about apprenticeships at Young Scotland’s Got Talent event

Over a hundred young people found out about work-based learning at the third Young Scotland’s Got Talent event at The Experience in Hillington, Glasgow

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News 24 March 2017

Digital Foundation Apprenticeships can help bridge digital skills gap

Dozens of tech employers attended an event to find out how Foundation Apprenticeships can support young people coming out of schools with digital technology skills and how their companies can get involved.

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News 23 March 2017

Creating Connections for young people in Ayrshire

Employers, training providers, disabled young people and parents learned more about the opportunities and support available for those with Additional Support Needs (ASN) thanks to an event held by Skills Development Scotland, in partnership with Ayrshire College.

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