Learning providers can register as an ITA provider until 30 September 2017.

Before you get started

Please read the ITA Operating Rules before downloading the ITA registration pack. 

Download ITA Registration Pack

It's important your registration is completed correctly and sent to us without any missing documentation. Incomplete registrations will be rejected and you will not be able to reapply in the current registration period.

Preparing your ITA registration pack 

We require one signed copy of the following documentation: 

  • Fully completed and signed registration form
  • Signed and dated delegated authority form
  • Signed and dated new supplier form
  • One year's full accounts demonstrating a strong trading record
  • Quality standards supporting documentation (if applicable)

You should post your completed registration pack to:

Skills Development Scotland – Customer Services

Individual Training Account

PO Box 27131


G2 9LJ

Where can I get support? 

For questions on the Individual Training Account scheme or the provider registration process, please contact Customer Services on 0141 285 6100 or email customer.services@sds.co.uk.